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Owl on Pine Branch With Screw in Plate - rusted metal arts for garden

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295mm high x 292 mm wide x 127 mm deep


Natural Rusted


Mild Steel 


The saw-whet owl is a fierce, tiny owl with a catlike face, oversized head, and bright yellow eyes. Their high-pitched too-too-too call is a common evening sound in evergreen mountain forests. Handmade in steel from an original design and hand-rusted. Enjoy a touch of shabby chic charm on your pergola, fence, bird feeder, or window frame with this side-mounted silhouette. Bring this artful design inside to accent a planter or window

Suitable for outdoor, awesome and unique decor for your garden. 

Handmade in steel from an original design and hand-rusted.

The natural rust will darken and deepen over time, continues to mature and look better with age
They can also be sealed (by clear lacquer, epoxy resin or special wax) to prevent further rusting and to prevent from oxidation.